Embracing Sensitivity & Strength

The Inspiring Interview Series: Meet Janna

Although most people would have known Janna as confident, beautiful, and accomplished. On the inside, she felt plagued by nerves, doubt, and in her words “epic amounts of self-judgement”. This is a far cry from what Janna now feels and lives and I wanted to take a moment out of my week to talk with Janna and share with you all that she has learnt.
Janna’s life is a powerful story of how sensitivity can become your biggest strength and the source of a deeper sense of love for yourself. She has such an endearing quality of honesty where you can’t help but smile when she speaks. She not only speaks of her own experience but her reflections are like a mirror, giving you insight into your own life, and instantly you feel her story is also yours. What I love about Janna is you never feel on the outer in her presence, she has a way of making everyone feel welcome, valued, and an integral part. This is probably why she was so loved in her many years of heading community choirs and many other musical adventures. Enjoy meeting Janna and everything her story inspires in you.