The Bullying Energy of Comparison

The Inspiring Interview Series: Meet Therese

Meet Therese, an incredibly inspiring woman. Although she has achieved a lot in her professional life, what I find most inspiring is the work she has been doing within her relationship. One of the reasons I wanted to talk with Therese and share her story with everyone is because I see so many amazing women are stuck where Therese was stuck. She loved her partner (most of the time) but couldn’t get underneath the dynamics playing out. She struggled to understand some of her partners behaviours and knew that they both had some un-dealt with trauma from past relationships . . . but didn’t know how to deal with things in the relationship differently. She was feeling frustrated and torn, not sure whether the relationship was going to be all it had promised to be.
I promise you will not only be inspired but you will fall in love with Therese, as I have. She is empowered, deeply caring and infectiously enthusiastic. One of the things that I absolutely love about Therese is her ability to own her part. She is a complete role model for the 1% rule – which you’ll understand more of after watching this interview.