Touble-shooting Cliniko & The Enrichment of Taking Your Practice Online

The Troubleshooting Sessions will be recorded live on:

Session 1 - Friday, 14th June, 2pm AEST
Session 2 - Friday, 28th June, 5am AEST

Meeting Link:

After these sessions are held, the videos will be posted here for future reference. If you have any troubleshooting questions please email them to and we will explore them in the group session. You are also welcome to send in other enriching topics that you would like me to explore and if there is space I will discuss them in our group sessions. We may have space for a couple of live questions during the sessions, but emailed questions will be top priority. So if there is something that you really need support with it's important to email ahead of time. Troubleshooting issues this way greatly supports the entire group.

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1. Resource the program, rewatch videos, read the transcripts.
2. Google the issue
3. Contact someone in your group
4. Email


NOTE: We didn't put this troubleshooting guide together because we are lazy 😅 or we didn't want to receive your emails. We have put this process together because it allows you to learn and grow much quicker than us emailing you the answers. It also helps you to strengthen your presence and confidence with tech. Yes correct, your ability to be confident with tech is directly related to how present you can stay with it. Do you get overwhelmed, leave your body, give up or get anxious? Or do you settle, knowing that it will unfold and you will find the answers you are looking for?

Enjoy flexing your tech muscles and your ability to be present with whatever presents.


Email any troubleshooting questions for Cliniko (or any enrichment topics) to